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Cookies for Silverlight

Here is a simple static class, Cookie, that offers methods to Read and Write cookies from Silverlight applications.  You can also specify the cookie expiration as a number of days: expireDays = 0, indicates a session cookie that will not be written to disk expireDays = -1, indicates that the cookie will not expire and will be permanent expireDays = n, indicates that the cookie will expire ... [More]

ColorFromString for Silverlight or .NET

Here is a simple static class, ColorFromString, that offers a single string extension method, ToColor, to create Color objects from various strings representations of color: Named colors “Red” “Yellow” “Chartreuse” ARGB colors as Hex (8 nibbles) “#FF00FF00” for opaque green “#80FF00FF” for translucent magenta RGB c... [More]