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In the beginning…

I resisted starting a new tech blog, because I thought that writing about what I do would only distract me from the current project at hand.  But hopefully this blog will give me the outlet I need to promote my work, and allow me to give a little back to the development community that has enriched my own work.

So on this blog I will likely focus on software development techniques in general, and more specifically, programming for the Web and for Windows desktops.

A brief background about me:

I am a dedicated software professional with over 30 years experience in the development and management of software products.  Over the last 20 years, I have specialized in the development of graphics-intensive applications, both web-based and on the desktop.

Skills-wise, I have extensive object oriented development experience (C#/C++),  and am also proficient with all the standard web technologies like JavaScript, CSS, HTML, ASP.NET, SQL, PHP, and MySQL.  And throughout much of my career I have worked with many, many different Microsoft technologies including Silverlight, .NET, COM, ActiveX, MFC, ATL, WTL, and WIN32.

I also consider myself very strong graphics software developer, having done…

  • an online printable greeting card application (Create & Print for American Greetings and Bluemountain),
  • a Facebook-based graphics mobilizer and ringtone clipper (3Guppies),
  • components for an MPEG non-linear editing product (AuroraEdit by Thomson Grass Valley),
  • a series of live action video games (Powerhouse Entertainment products),
  • a sprite animation and painting product for children (Crayola products),
  • a professional image editing product (Picture Publisher),
  • an imaging platform for newspapers (Kodak/Atex),
  • image scanning and processing software for the earliest digital devices (Imagitex).

I currently manage my own development and consulting business and have worked with a wide variety of clients.  One of my core competencies is an ability to focus on each project’s big picture, including management of the development process, while developing software and systems as an individual contributor.  My technical strengths include all phases of software design and development on PC platforms.  And in addition to a strong product development background, I am extremely customer focused, have strong market analysis skills, and broad-based management skills.

My current project is something completely new for me - a financial and lifestyle planning application (using Silverlight), called YinYangMoney.

I look forward to contributing to the development community!

Jim McCurdy


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